So I’m writing this blog for just so many reasons. First and foremost is because I am positively and absolutely enamored with my family. Who we are. Where we come from. How we came to be family. And how we can stay connected as family.

That’s another reason for the blog, really. To find ways to re-connect us and pull us back together. Like we were when my generation, and the one before us and before them could identify that person who was the “glue”. We all said it was our mother. Or our grandmother. And now we are the mothers and the grandmothers and I see so much of the “glue” has melted away and we aren’t bonded like that anymore. And it makes me sad. In a very deep and hollow way. And as I re-connect with some of my cousins I hear them say the same thing – and my children and their cousins say the same thing – “let’s have a cousins day – let’s stay connected – let’s not lose this!”

Because we miss each other and we miss the bond of those ties that we had as children.

And if I don’t do this now, then when? And who? Thus, the blog.

My hope for this blog is that it will re-connect as many of us possible to our glue and at the same time introduce me to the many that I haven’t met and barely know- the ones who came before and the ones that came after me – my cousins children and their children! – our family in all of it’s crazy, wonderful, insane, awesome, amazing glory!

I hope you will share your comments and your pictures and your stories on these pages and that one day SOON we will finally have that “cousins day”!

I love you all!




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