Finding George

DadIt’s been quite the struggle looking for military records for my father, George Wesley Perry, Jr.  I have information for uncles, cousins, grandfathers, great grandfathers, great great grandfathers. But for Dad? Nada, zip, zilch.

There’s a website that can be used for searching EVERYTHING about military service and even that comes up with the “Nothing exists” type response.

Now, I KNOW that my dad served. We have pictures and stories from the family about his service. We have a particular picture that he took when he was on Okinawa visiting his brother’s grave. But records? NOTHING.

The frustration is huge. The sadness even more than that. I want my dad. I want his records. I want it to matter that he WAS there and he DID serve. I wanted today’s post to be about my dad’s SERVICE, not this ridiculous search.

So… if you have any information, ideas, advice… PLEASE… help me out! Comment, email me, call me, for crying out loud. Just help me in my endless quest of Finding George.




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