What? It’s Friday???

One of the important elements of blogging is to post regularly and consistently. Decide how many times a week or month you want to post and then live up to that commitment. Makes sense, right? I thought so!

So I decided that it wasn’t realistic to think I would post every day, or even every other day. After all, I do have a life outside of the studio and outside of my ancestry. It’s called the present. It’s called a job that generates a paycheck and a family that likes to eat at least once a day. It’s called having meaningful relationships with the people I hold most dear… my husband, my kids, my grand-kids, my mom. That’s hugely important to me, even if it means that my “fun” time  for bogging is limited (I think!).

Two posts a week… one on Tuesday and another on Friday. That’s my commitment. It allows five days for research and writing. Seemed reasonable to me when I started. Certainly I’m enthusiastic enough and excited enough to be able to do that. Right?

The truth, though, is that the research takes hours and hours and then more hours. The writing is relatively easy, but the proofing and editing and re-writing takes hours and hours and then more hours.

I feel anxious about getting my Friday post done. My foot is throbbing with pain because of two broken toes. The cat wants lovies and petting. It’s time to prepare some kind of dinner. There’s not enough information yet to put together a post about my great grandmother, who I’m so excited to tell you about. Maybe  I better shoot for Tuesday on that one.

Today, this is the best I have. I love you for reading this. I hope you understand.  I’ll see on Tuesday for a really good read!




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